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print media is dead! long live the pivot to video!

Chow Down! magazine has had a long and illustrious history, printing high-quality recipes developed by their excellent, formally-trained chefs. A staple for every housewife in America who fancied herself a good cook, it was once the name on everyone's lips when it came to gourmet food you could make at home. 

But recently, as print media declines in favor of digital, subscriptions have dried up, leaving the kitchen struggling for funds and support. "People aren't getting recipes from magazines, anymore," Chow Down!'s investors said. "It's all on YouTube these days. Maybe it's time we start a YouTube channel."

That's where you come in. There have been some staffing changes in the Chow Down! Test Kitchen: camera operators, video editors, maybe a few more charismatic—if less knowledgeable—chefs prepared to share their recipes with the hungry void of the internet. If this YouTube channel flops, that's it for Chow Down!, which means the fate of your job, and the jobs of everyone you work with, are on the line and down to this: create one good viral video to launch your channel into the cultural zeitgeist... or else

chow down! is a Fiasco playset of culinary disasters and social media aspirations, inspired by the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen. special thanks to Andrew and Roman for their help filling out the playset. 


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